Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Working while playing

... or was the the other way around?

I'm being easily distracted these days, it makes my works hours longer than usual. Perhaps work hours are the same, but streeeeetched out, being easily distracted and all ...

Well, first Marie Claire Idees magazine came ...
 ( = major distraction)
 hmm ...ummm... delicios ...
Snow! We have to make ...
lanterns ...  (woups! = distraction)

Did you say cinnamon buns?! (oh My! distraction ahead!!) Yeah, why not. Let's make cinnamon rolls. (It's gonna be a long evening ... ;-)

Graphic eye candy + letterpress at Petito's Tight Slice 

1 comment:

  1. love this snow ball lanterns? Never seen anything like that. Now Cinnamon buns, I have seen and made and tasted and yours look delicious.

    hope all is well and spring is about to blow your way!