Friday, September 23, 2011

Daily presents

Whenever I can, I walk to where I work. The walk takes me through my beloved old city, and there are numerous routes to follow. I try to walk different ones each time. Each one holds a small present.
Yesterday took me through Christiansborg, into the garden, and through the collonades. The noise of the city are kept out by these light sandy gray walls, and made room for a different sound; of horses. Turning my head, a door was open, and I snug into The Royal Stables. What a treat.
I so wasn't supposed to be here, but when a staff passed me (and my obvious phonecamera), he silently ignored me and went on with his day, so I snug out again, to go on with mine.


  1. That is indeed a present....and even a present from you to us, by letting us catch glimpses. I wish my way to work held such treasures.