Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little break

I took time off yesterday. And ended up watercoloring. Felt amazing to make something that wasn't for anything ...

... favorite colours ...

this color-combo (above) were inspired by this amazing shawl from Facile avec Cécile. Aren't like those colors at all though—inspiration works in mysterious ways! (click to enlarge)

Btw, really recommend Facile avec Cécile. Many sweet diy's.

My dear friend sent me this today: Norwedian Savings&Loan commercial with George Clooney. Her expression is just priceless! Love this so much, so funny :-)))


  1. Rigtig flotte akvareller!
    Jeg elsker, når kreativiteten sådan bare flyver af sted helt af sig selv.

  2. Just for the fun of it is best of all sometimes. Enjoy!

  3. Love the colors, and thanks for the link.

  4. Ser dejligt energisk og smukt ud :-)

  5. Jaa, Christine, vad fint med vattenfärg! Enkelt och svårt kan man väl säga.