Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little Treasures (part II)

Today I'll make this Pull-Apart from Joy the Baker (I mean, who can resist pictures like that !!??)

Better go for a run as well, then ...
Listening to Depeche Mode's old album Some Great Reward. It's my favorite DM album—so smoothly put together. I wouldn't want to listen to these tunes in any other order.


  1. Dejligt billede. Fin gammel syæske, du har fået fat i der!

    Gode gamle DM - dem bliver jeg heller aldrig træt af :-)

  2. i love it when you do little collection posts like these... it's so much fun to look at each object separately and think about what meaning it holds to you.

  3. Dejlige små skatte og dejlige billeder!
    Også tak for at videregive de to bog-tips. Jeg har allerede bestilt 'The Book Thief' på biblioteket.

  4. I love these tiny collections you pull together. That mint green hue is especially sweet. Spells out spring to me.