Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coraline Collected

Little Me is now a real doll. Her characteristic yellow rain coat and black tulle skirt are currently at the tailor's (and those guys are very busy at the moment – making graphic design instead of doll's clothes, but please don't tell her ;o)

She's posing on some new books I got for the studio: Letterpress and Los Logos. And her hair—not the official Coraline hair-cut, but Little Me likes wearing it long. For now.



  1. Hun er henrivende, Christine!
    Hvor skal hun mon bo? På din bogreol?

  2. Christine, hvor er hun bare blevet fin! Jeg er helt pjattet med hende :)

  3. Hun har en skøn personlighed. Selv om de typemæssigt ikke linger hinanden, minder hun mig om Nanna Nylon fra Shanes Verden :-)

    Kh Rikke