Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winds of Change

These past few days, Rain, Thunder and Lightning've been puttting on a grand show in the skies above Copenhagen. Monday was warm, and ended in a hot-tempered roar.
Feels like a deep sigh after holding ones breath.

All day the news announced the "cloudburst"'s coming, so when I felt the wind change, I sat on my balcony to enjoy the show. First the air turned blue, purple, the birds sounded different, and the breeze came, and smelled oceany. Then sturdy clouds rolled in over us, and changed the world for a little while

This photo of mine really doesn't do this justice, but I couldn't help myself. When lightning came, my trigger-reflexes were way too slow :-)
I found a beautiful gallery here.

The Winds of Change are also upon me in my little company. Though I shall wait to say more until after I move
woups! said it anyway ;-)))

Obsessed a little bit over this "Insanity Blanket" by misplacedpom after having spotted this image on Pinterest yesterday. In case I "needed" another knitting project (hargh-hargh). Then made three squares ...
Insanity Blanket tutorial by The Heathen Housewife (Shelley Kang) here

see you later, alligator :-)


  1. What a beautiful show! Storms are a incredible aren't they?
    Moving? That's exciting, can't wait to hear more.
    And that aptly named I have to say.

  2. I look forward to hearing more of your 'moving' news.
    You've captured the beauty and colour of those clouds wonderfully ... I never have much success with capturing lightning displays either.

    Take care.

  3. hello in there.

    your knitting is luminous and the photo intense. we have had hot and some bad air from a forest fire on the water way down the wind blows the smog to us... but i am happy none
    theless. hope u have a wonderful summer. i will be very quiet prob a few months.! Peace and enjoy moving. !?

    mansuetude... (google is bouncing me off again.)

  4. looks really dark, but I like rainy can watch movies, writing, a lot of things.
    Take care!

  5. Best of luck with secret move. xolj