Sunday, June 5, 2011

A weekend of enjoyment

This weekend has been full of relaxation and enjoyment. So wonderful, that I almost forgot to take pictures.
But I do have two ...

the begginning of my new succulent adventure :-),

and the beginning of a new knitting project. I've been in love with Kathleen Kelly's light-as-air cardi since I first saw it (see the You've Got Mail clip here), and finally started to make it. Since I have no recipe, I shall make it my own, with slight alterations (ie have tiny silver beads on the front, and no buttons. I think).

Hope your weekend is wonderful and sunny.
No links today. Only sunshine :-)


  1. what a beautiful colour! i like your knitting project...
    Is it sunny there? I am happy to know that!
    See you soon!!

  2. Succulents are so rewarding to grow, and I like that any broken bits can just be planted back in the soil and roots sprout. They're so resilient, as well as beautiful.