Monday, March 21, 2011

So Soft (Sunday)

This weekend I finished a little skirt and sleeveless pullover for my Sister-in-law's beautiful daughter. I went there (to bring it) and because I'd been invited to our monthly handy-crafty day.
Except--we don't really meet every month, but more ... randomly. And sometimes we don't handycraft s'much, but chat instead. But it's great fun, often counting lots of sweet yarnies, and it has a name; Primo Jovis (First Thursday) since, initially we met every first Thursday of the month. But yesterday was Sunday. So.
Quess it's not the strickt rules of it that keep us going ... ;-) Must be something else ...
I hope your Sunday was soft as well. And that your Monday is gentle

Simple beauty at Neëst
Sara Lov sings New York


  1. i'll take a gentle monday, thank you. its spring all over the place, sun on water, wind and warm, fresh cut grass (the first of the year).

    love your skirt and sweater. you are so talented.

  2. Sunday was soft....and sunny ;) Hurraaaa! Og mandagen ganske vel også, tak...

  3. Well, my Sunday was sunny, but still cold...Love the sweater and skirt. I always like your collages. I would love to have a group of crafters to meet with periodically....maybe I should start one?

  4. And, you know, it kind of was a gentle Monday here. It was quiet in the best possible sense. Wishing you a good rolling week, Christine.

  5. That sounds like the very softest of Sundays ... there need to be more of those kinds of days in a week.

    It's started cooling down as autumn takes hold here, and I couldn't be more pleased - it means I can rug up in lovely warm layers.

  6. Jag älskar söndagar, sovmorgon, långfrukost med familjen...promenad, läsa...jobba lite...
    Fina bilder Christine!