Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mail from afar

Received a gorgeous package from the Aussie wonder-team Gracia & Louise. Absolutely adore their But I Just Got Here A Minute Ago!

LOVE the way your minds work, you guys :)

Thank you - for the book, and for all the yummy goodies :-))

Have you seen these masters of disassemblys? Wow!

Love this:


  1. Beautiful packaging, and wonderful work inside...

  2. ohhh that Tiger! Beautiful package and work.


    my dog is barking at a new fox family-- how do i explain that to him?

  3. Delighted this quiet Thursday afternoon to see our work in your hands, Christine. Always nice to wrap a zine order such as this to send to a dear blog chum.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    be well, g xo

  4. So glad you're enjoying these new works of ours. Like Gracia said, it was a joy to send them to your very good self. xolj

  5. Gracia & Louise always put together the most beautiful of packages ... just this week I ordered a few more of their delightful zines! :)

  6. what a nice package - it seems like a pity to rip open that packaging! the tiger is fantastic too!