Saturday, February 12, 2011


A couple of busy busy weeks have passed. A lot on my plate, and much on my mind. So this Saturday, with nothing to do and no-where to go was just what the doctor ordered.

And what better way to spend the day, than to dive into a pool of mini-beads :-)
... and listening to Agnes Obel:


  1. I like how you relax! Such a pretty quilt of beads! ~Kath

  2. oh so lovely! it looks like crochet. x

  3. nice pattern.
    Didn`t know that singer, she has the name as my daughter.

  4. Just like – I love Agnes Obel and your Hama ♡

  5. For one odd moment there, I thought you made that from iced doughnuts...must be time for a cup of tea...

  6. How lovely ... I adore the beauty of mini-beads, and they're so much fun to make things with.

    I hope you've enjoyed your relaxation time! :)

  7. Kath ·· yes, it is quilt-like, isn't it. I love quilts as well

    Francesca ·· yes it's funny that it looks like more than beads

    Gracia ·· and completely meditating. It's awesome

    Karin ·· She's a Danish artist living in Berlin - this is her debut. The whole album is lovely

    Tina ·· tak :-) Hun er så fin

    Angela ·· made me laugh :-)) I could sure savour one of those too :))

    Tracey ·· oh I love them so too - wanna make more :)))