Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mini Love Part II

Thanks for your words on the minis. Love how you see candy and quilts. I do too :))

More work came flowing my way, I was so glad I'd spend the weekend unwinding.
Here are two more from the weekend.

Francesco Mugnai posted a bunch of cool and interactive business cards.

... Woah ... tomorrow's Friday! Which makes it weekend again already!! Issit me, or was this week just super-fast??


  1. Og mig som har et temmelig anstrengt forhold til perleplader. Du har virkelig åbnet mine øjne for, hvor fint de kan anvendes. Jeg er helt vild med dem.

  2. I really like the color combo. And they do look like candy, or do I just have candy on the brain? Love the business cards, what an eclectic collection! You always find the coolest things.

  3. Får sådan lyst til at lave perplader igen – tak :-)

  4. Alle uger og dage forsvinder bare tjups!!!!!...fin perlehygge :)))

  5. Time to unwind... here's to that.

  6. So very beautiful Christine ... I bet they're lots of fun to put together.
    I especially love the neutral and earthy tones of the first set ... lovely! :)