Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For you

Tina & I met a little while ago, to whip up sweets and roses for you for Valentine's. At Clemmensen & Brok you can find pink champagne, accompanied by rosewater-lemoncurd vanilla macarons sprinkled with rose pepper, meringues, and a free Valentine's card in matching colours (pink-ish, of course ;-)

Playing with the illustration for the card, I couldn't stop (of course), so here's two more variations for you. Totally free, ready to download and print. For private use only (of course :-)

click image to see bigger. Right-click and save to desktop to print from your own computer.

I hope you have a sweet day on Monday. Hope your mailbox is stuffed with words of kindness and love, and that your heart be likewise.

Martha Stewart Beauuutiful IPad app magazine cover. Press "play video" to see the flower unfold. Ouuuhh...

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