Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Am Here...

Very busy with work these days.
I hope you are well, and that the first month of the year has treated you well.
Mrs. Ekelund was sweet to give me an award. Thank you for this.

I am to pass it on to three wonderful bloggers, and post three random facts about myself.
So here's to Tracey, Monica and Valerie. Thank you for your words and images of inspiration :)

Three random facts:
#1 I have been to the movies once this year (saw Winter's Bone - and highly recommend it)
#2 The single most played tune on my ITunes list is this! (which surprised me a little, but numbers don't lie ;-)
#3 My all time favourite candy is Reese's Peanutbutter Cups – no question. )I know of only one place in Copenhagen which carry them.)

Gotta get back to work! Have a great Tuesday :)


  1. Du er velkommen! God sang, jeg må prøve filmen og favoritslikket også!

    Mht til januar - ja så er det jo ikke januars skyld, men min har været siiiiiindsyg!! Jeg kan dårligt huske en måned i mit liv, der har været så prop-stoppet som denne. Bare for at nævne et par ting: Flyttet i nyt hus, scoret nyt job, været på nyt studie.

    Kh Rikke

  2. ha! i hear ya! arrgghh! digg'n' the random facts. eyeballing that coffee owl.

  3. Christine, thank you so much! You are too kind!!! You made my day! Needless to say that I greatly admire your blog as well. Can not wait to see more.

  4. thank you dear Christine ! this is very sweet sweet of you !! I'll play along in a few days and will visit the other nominees :)
    ps : we would have to fight over a bag of Reese PB cups ! they're my favorite (milk choco along with the white ones) when I'm in the US. unlike to Copenhagen, not a single bags to be seen where I live :( !!

  5. pps : thank you for sharing about L. Hannigan. didn't know but really like her ! she also has an interesting accoustic version of "personal Jesus" !

  6. What a lovely award - thanks so much for passing it my way! :)
    I'll probably do my post in response next week.

    I love your random facts.
    I haven't seen Winter's Bone (but shall on your recommendation).
    What a beautiful song - it's lovely and the video is adorable.
    Reese's Peanutbutter Cups are delightful!! :D


  7. i know that argh feeling of being overwhelmed! hopefully february is a little calmer of a month for you :)

  8. this made me burst out laughing! i am so sorry that i got a chuckle at your expense. awesome drawing!

  9. hello dear Christine,

    love your drawing which makes me think of big waves coming in from sea, then slowly dispersing as they reach the shore.

    i love pb cups--but only crave one during our Halloween trick or treat time, as it must be something my body has tasted since childhood during that part of autumn. Unless someone has some, then i am on it!