Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Copenhagen on my mind

On my way to a meeting Friday morning, the city was once again covered in a thick damp blanket, and I took a couple of pictures of downtown towers reaching for the sky. Originally I just wanted to post them as they were, but then this little collage, with a reject ink from last week, almost made itself.
I find myself in love with this coral color lately. Want to color the whole world coral :)

Awesome documentary on Annie Leibovitz: parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 —the whole thing lasts an hour. And left this little blogger speechless with admiration!


  1. Your collage is wonderful ... the colours and the alignment is beautiful. I'm adoring coral lately too, even though it's a colour I never much liked before - my how things change.

    Annie Leibovitz is a wonder. There's an exhibition of her work currently at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art - I think I'll be taking an interstate trip to see it! :)

  2. i am going to go watch ms L later... she started at Rolling Stone. Then the doors swung open... love your lady's tall hat. heard coral is a sacred color somewhere once. your soul might be at a new space.

    thank you.