Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whatta week

I hope your Sunday is soooothing :-)
Mine is. I have slow food cooking in the oven, and have made rosewater-lemon-filling for the macarons I will go make in a couple of minutes. A cuppa Joe is within my reach, and I have just enjoyed a slice of oat-wheat bread, fresh from the oven. Ahh-yes, a soothing Sunday indeed.

On top of a busy busy week. A week in which I received this wonderful gift from sweet Aimee, and didn't have the minutes to share it! Busybusybusy. In the good way, fortunately, and not the can't-feel-my-toes-way. Don't like that kind of busy!

Tomorrow Tina and I will meet, and take pictures and laugh and play. Valentines is coming up, and I have a feeling those rose-lemony macarons-yet-to-be-made will have a role to play ...

Mrs Eliot's Valentines Cards

Sweet Valentines bags via Black Eiffel (I miss MS Kids too)
Valentines Gummy heart (a little bit icky :-)


  1. oh i love your cooking skills!

    lemon anything is for me. Hope you enjoy your day of scented delicious delights. You've got my mind running through the kitchen to think what i can make now. lol


  2. Something bright to make you smile. I like Aimee's bewitched by books image and sentiment best of all.

  3. Psst Christine :O). Jeg har sendt en vandre award videre til dig - du lader den bare glide af, hvis du ikke orker. Men hvis du vil vide, hvorfor du fik den, så kig indenfor på min blog :o)

    Kh Rikke

  4. Ah, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend your Sunday. And I love macaroons. My favorite is the card about books...

  5. Beautiful gift! and beautiful colors!

  6. I also have Aimee's "Bewitched by Books" in a frame in my library/study/art room :D Her vibrant colors are sumptuous!! I must have found your blog through hers!! hahaha