Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi there. I hope you are enjoying the last of your weekend :)
Gotta share a photo of recent raw food pie. Having eaten inbetween raw for a while (not s'much this weekend which I opened with a delicious, juicy burger from Halifax. Yum!) but some—sometimes more, sometimes less.
I'm not being all-the-way-or-no-way — do not worry about the cocoa having been heated to plus 42 C or that sort, but it's fun, and feels great!
And as so often before, when exploring new ways of fooding, I have tried a lot of the deserts :-D

The recipe was inspired by this book. Author Erica's page here.
Take care, and see you soon.


  1. Här vare fint och inspirerande. Får oxå lust att baka äppelpaj nu:)

  2. luscious!

    my honey earlier cooking up some figs with apples and oranges and Frangelico, spices, too. House smells so good. I made a drink of it, when liquidy, and as it boiled down to thick, we put some on vanilla ice cream. it is soso so yum.

    fresh figs are like wet rain soaked strawberries.

    blessings to you

  3. Yummmmmmmmm! I had the most wonderful peach muffin this weekend. Fruity desserts are so wonderful!

  4. Oh my! this looks so yuuummyy!!! can I have a piece please?

  5. I tried a raw diet for awhile. It is so healthy, but you have to be dedicated. I'm a vegetarian, so raw wasn't much of a stretch. If I understood this book, I bet I would love it.