Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Had a great evening making the boxes. Of course I wanna make more.
Meanwhile, I listened to Peter Bastian's Rosenkjær lectures (in Danish - sorry). Inspirational and wise - the nine lectures are for download here. Hugs and thank you, Vibeke :-)

I've been a jolly blog surfer the last couple of days, and have a list so long with images and words I want to share and to remember. Isn't this for instance the prettiest pastry you ever seen?? (at I art a day, also via sweet Vibeke).

And this:

I simply love it.

And on a more serious note, Mansuetude put her ever precise words to a point. I shall hold hands on Saturday.

Tonight is Midsummer's Night, which means bondfires and howling witches all over the country. It looks to be a wonderful, mild summer's night. Have a delightful celebration


  1. · { fint indisk matchboxs udtryk ... I like, sommerhils fra mig } ·

  2. Hvor fint!! Og tusind tak for gaverne og uglen, den er SÅ fin. Ringer! Knus

  3. oh thank you again and again!

    I wish to go back and join you on Midsummer Night, too. That sounds Wonderful.

    Blessings to your heart, deep in and all around.

  4. ha! love the gas knitting commercial.

  5. Such cute images of the match box. über cute!

  6. These little boxes are simply awesome!! Really. I want to make some now.

    I love your blog Christine. Keep up the good work!