Thursday, December 17, 2009


Thank you Fideli, for the wonderful ornaments I received today. They are absolutely gorgeous - I love them. Two of the three are presents. I won't tell which, or for whom;)
I have had this image from Anne Bundgaard on my list of faves for a while, and this month it is on the cover of BoligLiv.


  1. These little images are adorable. I followed the link and found the Christmas bowl, too. So clever.

    As for the image, it is very cleverly done. Looks like you could make it from scraps and a good ink pen.

  2. Love these ornaments! The illustrations are so cute. These will make a great gift indeed.

  3. Jeg har et af Annes postkort hængende i køkkenet...supernice...og jep...boligliv har jeg også...haha...Ha nogle super julehulehygge dage C. og et spændende nyt år... :=)