Wednesday, December 16, 2009

so quiet ...

Do you know that sound the snow makes, when it takes away all the other sounds, just to sound quiet?
This morning I didn't hear the alarm clock. Maybe it was because I only slept four hours. Or maybe it looked at me at six, tilted its head and whispered "ahow--she looks so peaceful-- I should let her sleep a little bit longer". Two hours later, all the morning stuff done with, I'm back in my place, the best coffee in the city in a cardboard cup by my side, silence quietly tucks itself around my shoulders. On the other side of the glass, snow waves hello, as it flows by. Some pause, quietly, others seem to be in a bit of a rush. I wave back. Not making a sound.
Snow and Northern Lights. A set (the doll at the bottom is by Cathy Cullis)


  1. Silent snow: what a wonderful photograph. Makes me think it would make a great art journal prompt and page.

  2. what a lovely description of morning and of snow. yes, i miss that very specific quiet of a snowstorm, as if all the other sounds are hushed to watch the snow fall. dreamy...