Sunday, December 20, 2009

of Waves and Wishes

In my mind there are lists. Lists of groceries for xmas. Lists of wanting to dos on Sunday. Lists of books I wish to read. Of items I wish to knit. Lists of ambitions for 2010. Of foods I'd like to taste. Places I wish to go. People I'd like to see. Projects I wish to start. And finish. Of what I wish to do more. And what I want to do less.
I'm aware that mind-lists can be ones you desperately write down so they wont clutter. These list are nothing like that. These recurrent lists are lists of anticipation. Looking forward. Of Joy, and of endless possibilities ...
I read a quote the other day that stuck; it was by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and read

A goal without a plan is just a wish

It stuck, I quess, because I have a lot of wishes. There's nothing wrong with having wishes. But having indefinate wishes sometimes stand in the way of carrying them out.
Last year, around this time, I ventured out on a wonderful journey—going into business on my own. I happily went out to sea, having thrown all my baggage in the cabin, a big mess, and set sail.
The year has truely been great. I'm not sailing for shore. But I will use this break to go below deck. And find the compass.
As you can see above, I received Estis gorgeous Calendar
And Camillas wonderful book. Thank you both.


  1. what a thoughtful post, Christine...
    finding the compass is a truly wonderful metaphor and it totally applies to me too at the moment...
    thanks for sharing such lovely images too :)

  2. love this post, need to find my compass too lately :)
    like the photos

  3. What an amazingly insightful blog post, Christine. The final comment, that you are in need of a well deserved break, has me happy for you, but longing to continue reading your ever thought provoking and art inspiring blog. Happy holidays!

  4. gorgeous photos, gorgeous. and i am also a lister: titling into dreamland with my lists. camilla's book is gorgeous from beginning to end. and happy holidays to you!