Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost TwentyTen

Hi! I hope you have had a very nice Christmas. I have been—still am—very relaxed. Regularly bored silly, at the same time, can't be bothered to do anything. I believe I need it.
Slowly surfacing, I need to do some stuff before going back to work on the 4th.
New Year near. It is the time to do The Think.
What do you wish for 2010? For you, and for the big picture?

Olive Dear
Matte Stephens


  1. Hello Christine :) I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

    Happy Holidays!

    Kelly :)

  2. You have already succeeded in my books, you are giving, your photos are amazing, and your art is to die for! I just hope to be able to continue viewing your blog and enjoying all the art it offers.

    Have a safe and warm holiday. Relax and enjoy that well deserved vacation.

  3. I loved EVERY word of this post, Christine!! It's time to do the Think here too! Happy 2010 to you! :)

  4. Super "ønskehjul"...rigtig fin skrift :)...Ja tiden flyver godt nok afsted...Ha en dejlig nytårsaften...og fødselsdag? hihi...

  5. love your wheel of the year's reflection!!

  6. K Christine!
    Tack så mycket för ditt fina julbrev som kom igår, jag ska njuta av rooibos, som är mitt favorit te.
    Hm, vad önskar jag mig av detta nya år? En bra kombination av jobb och fritt liv, inte stressa...
    Hoppas på detsamma för dig:)
    Gott Nytt År!

  7. Happy new year, Christine! i look forward to following the new developments of your beautiful work in 2010 :)