Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Draw

Sorry I'm late. I think the technical term is System Overheat! Boy. It's soo warm here, my mind goes ·>pouff<·!! early afternoon, and won't go back to normal until the next morning. A few hours of normal, and ·>pouff<·!! again. But not complaining ... we like warm and sunny (please stay, Mr. Sun, a few weeks longer).

So. The Draw. Using, I listed participants in the order they had come in (1-7) and Random picked number ... ta-daaa; 6: Tiny Red. Congrats :-)
Thank you so much for playing, all of you.

The image; is a poster spot in downtown Cph. I'm so fascinated by it. Poster glued on poster, glued on poster. The photo(s) were shot on a not so sunny day. I like those days too. Come Rain Or Come Shine. Have a lovely Friday.