Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Off with the slippers. Up with the sunshade.
The weather is huuugely satisfying, and with rasberry-pineapple-softdrink in one hand, book I'm gonna do the cover for in the other, I dare say all Tuesdays should be like this.
Like if that wouldn't cut'it, I ordered a stack of deliciousness from Amazon. Yum!

Will you listen to this? Can't quite sit still, listening. (Deva Premal—more yum)
Please treat yourself to My Milk Toof—it's hilarious:-)
Happy Midsummers Night.
(and don't forget June give-away ;-)


  1. looks delicious all around over there!

    couldn't listen (wouldn't let me) but i wanted to wish you a wonderful mid summer and a delightful summer! :)

    thanks for sharing so much all these months! You're very gracious.

  2. what a GORGEOUS diptych. the colors are amazing. happy summery work day to you...

  3. beautiful colours! enjoy the good weather :)