Friday, July 3, 2009


Books arriving! Oh joy. A Year of Mornings; been wanting that for so long. Lena Corwins: Printing By Hand; yum. Murakami + Rushdie—gotta see what the fuss is about, and poems selected, sending warm thoughts to Mansuetude for inspiration. Thanks :-)

Made elderflower syrop. Not much this year–just this bottle, and allready much of it is gone :-) As it should be. Been experimenting with jam of the leftover lemons. It might go well with cheese, or simply morning toast.

Small Magazine Summer issue is out, with lots and lots of yumminess.
Have a sweet weekend


  1. Wishing you a little time to curl up in a sun-dappled spot and read, read, read... I am doing similar, only I am buried under woolly rugs.

  2. Jag vill oxå ha den, printing by hand.
    Lyckliga du!

  3. Så du laver også hyldeblomstdrik. Vi laver en hel kæmpe grydefuld og fryser det meste af det. Flot billede af de tre roserfra i dag