Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Layers, and a Give-Away

Two little notepads came to me the other day, carefully tugging at my sleeve. They asked me, if I'd seen the world, and to that I replied
– Some, far from all.
– Can we see it?, they asked,
– can we see some, far from all?
Would you like a notepad coming to your part of the world? Please leave a comment on this post before July 1st, and let me know what you think that is, there, at the photo above right. (Pictures of notepads here)
Two Tunes by Cat Power (I just love her voice, and she's so beautiful, too)
Cool collage by Scrapatorium.


  1. OHH This sound great!! Thanks for this opportunity :)
    I think the objects adove looks so different but for some razon they come from same place, like everybody ;)

  2. Hi, Christine, please count me in. The photo, maybe newspapers, getting wet in the rain?!
    By the way: I was just wandering: how can we- creative women from all over the world- connect to each other, getting to know each other, get closer?! There are so many women out there, full of such inspiring ideas and beautiful work, and we have so much in common. I'm always dreaming of a network...
    Greetings for today, farvel!

  3. How exciting! At first glance, I thought it looked like a cabbage... a detailed peek at their leaves. Now, now it looks like crinkled parchment.
    Hmm, no, not too sure.

  4. Det er da din Dear Diary :)))) set oppefra...

  5. Thanks for sharing, Christine. Please, count me in.
    (I too love Cat Power)

  6. to me they are a pile of paper painted with watercolours ... papers that were not fastened when painted on, but let to bend the way they wanted under the influence of water.