Thursday, February 12, 2009

B as in ...

BOY! This was a challenge. There was light there was dark — circles — perspective ... I swear I broke a sweat! :-) It's been ages since I watercoloured. But I like a good challenge, and I'm quite excited about this little reunion with my ol' WN box :-) (I will take its picture tomorrow—it's pitch black out now.

I fell in love yesterday, browsing though Anahata's shop PaPaYa!. Wauw. And take a look at where she lives. I mean this is everyday view for that gal. AMAzing :-)
Anahata linked to this puppy. Ohoh. How does a Scandinavian get her eager hands on that!, I ask you? :-)) (Seriously—I'd like to know)
:-) Happy Friday tomorrow — have a neat one.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Too much grammatical mistakes in my previuos post :-)
    I like your Alphabet a lot.

  3. No worries - I do them too - all the time.
    Lucky for me, I had the chance to read the deleted post, and I enjoyed the link:-) Thank you

  4. oh gosh, this is delightful! are you going to do the entire alphabet?

  5. Katrina (thank you) - ahem ... I don't have the best record for completing long projects like this, but I hope I will eventually make the entire thing. I have started "C" - so that's ... well ;-)))

  6. i love 'B', christine... i would be sweating over those buttons too. : )