Monday, August 1, 2011

On Weather Faves and Shawarmas By The Waterfront

Being an "all-weather" kinda person, I'm usually equally mooded come rain or come shine, but today was so mild, and instead of going home after work tonight, we grabbed a shawarma and bicycled to the waterfront. Must admit the experience had me in favour of Summer for a couple of hours there.

...and since we dined right next to this littl' ol' lady, I couldn't help myself ...

A genuine tourist tribute :-) I tip my cap for You, Little Miss Mermaid!

(I've only ever photographed her once before. During a Copenhagen Photo Marathon, in which I was disqualified because the roll of film in my camera stuck, and left me with only 23 of the mandatory 24 photos (one for each hour of the day). I don't mourn the disqualification, as I didn't then -- my 23 shots weren't that great, but I sure had fun.)

Copenhagen Photo Marathon
+Could definately see myself at Type Camp! I Ambersand to that!


  1. Dejligt med en like minded. Jeg lader heller ikke vejret hyle mig ud af den. MEN i aften har jeg også hørt mig selv sige et par gange: "neeej hvor er det bare vidunderligt vejr" - og børnene fik lov at tulle rundt udenfor længe efter deres sengetid. Mon ikke også jeg kan grave en enkelt dag frem af hukommelsen, hvor jeg været tudefjæs over sølle vejr....?

    Lyder sjovt med den fotomarathon... trods det med den nr. 24 :-/

    Kh Rikke

  2. Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun. Shawarmas and bikes are two of my favorite things ever.

    I'm really enjoying your blog (I read a post about a giveaway you hosted and that Tracey from Quiet Paws won)!

    Camila Faria

  3. Sounds like a wonderful thing to do ... bicycling to the waterfront when the weather looks as it did.

    PS. As you would have gathered from Camila's comment, I finally got around to blogging about your lovely giveaway prize ... thanks again dear. xx

  4. oh, to live near water... i'm envious!