Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Arm And A Leg ...

Vacation time is over, and work is abundant. Which means more hours spent at the office, less wearing cross word puzzles and pj's. I'm not complaining. I read the other day, that Danish people are among the most vacating in the World. You shall hear only gratefulness from me.

Still working on Coraline's Little Me, her head is done, admittedly needing a haircut though, and this is how far I am with her body.
Hope you are well.


  1. Ih, man begynder at kunne ane, hvordan hun kommer til at se ud... :-)
    Jeg håber, du har haft en dejlig ferie, og at det er fint at komme tilbage til hverdagen.
    Sommerhilsner herfra!

  2. Oh my, she's coming along beautifully ... I love her stripey legs! :)

  3. she's adorable, christine! i can't wait to show her to my daughters!

  4. skall bli kul att se henne färdig. Gillar också de randiga benen!