Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, You Are Sweet

Today we went to town for a little shopping trip, and among other places, we went to the old Copenhagen bon bon factory Sømods Bolcher. Situated in a backyard, behind the facades of the city, this little old shop and factory, where you can watch the candy makers make the bon bons, is a little view into ancient Copenhagen. The atmosphere is incredible, and the bon bons are magnifiscent! :-)

Cool graphic design at Bobby McKennas :)

Happy weekend!


  1. Det låter härligt. Och vilka fina karameller!

  2. These look both tempting and colorful. What a treat to get a tour through a bon-bon factory!

  3. you are the one who is sweet, to me!
    the thing i am thinking here, is that the "language" of these candies is "foreign" to me but the little girl in me knows the taste and the talk of some of them, anyway. Food like love transcends all .

    Mansuetude (the thing was bouncing me again, so on the third try i choose annon. )

  4. Just look at all those lovely brightly coloured sweets! :)
    That would be such an amazing place to visit and it would be wonderful to watch the candy makers at work.

  5. All that tempting candy! And what a charming illustration too.