Thursday, January 6, 2011


Stayin' in the crafty department to make more Coffee Owls. Have a wonderful Coffee Owl-opportunity comin up, but can't say more until March ;o)

I've been so eager to share these newly purchased glass eyes. It's been quite the pursuit, I have seen many many many glass eyes, and there they were—just the right ones (and in great many sizes and colors), and my heart jumped with joy. Not to mention when they arrived, purchased glass eyes being even prettier in real life.

Found the sweetest sea mobile on Pinterest
Sol Linero says use less plastic in her animation Oceans. Linero's www.


  1. oh all those eyes just spooked me! happy new year christine. x

  2. They are following me.....really cool!

  3. wasn't sure what these were at first! but those coffee owls are adorable.