Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have illustrations featured in

... this month. I so love this magazine. On top of being full of interesting articles and inspiring recepies, it's absolutely beautiful!
I'm very grateful to be a part of this.

I know I've posted links to these guys before, but have to again —there's new stuff on their pages, and one shouldn't miss it :-)
Christine Rudolph
Ditte Isager


  1. Oh how wonderful Christine!! :)

    That's so exciting to have your beautiful illustrations featured throughout ... they have your unmistakable touch of loveliness and delicacy ...

    Here's to an exciting year filled with more wonderful endeavours such as this!!!

  2. You must be so proud! They are beautiful illustrations. Congrats!

  3. Cool! Congratulations, Christine...
    What a beautiful page, last one.

  4. ser underbart fint ut! Så där lätt och självklart.

  5. wow very stylish. congratulations Christine !
    we're so happy for you !
    I need to visit Copenhaguen someday... which time of the year is best ?