Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Project!

Thank you for your input on the previous post. I value your opinion greatly.

So. While I am a-thinking about how and where, I want to share recent new project. Yup! Patch It Up—this crafter is cuttin'em squares and sewin'em back together!
The four top fabrics are from Garn-iture – a small yarn-barn/fabric store on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen. A true gem.
Btw—do you know Frankie? It's a great mag with enough graphic yum-yum to make me pay a small fortune, but it was a great read too (which I consider quite the bonus ) -- I just fell for the layout! Happens all the time. Other bonus reads I bought for the covers: Jonathan Safran Foer, Philip Pullman and Tea Obreht. And we all know how those went. Mucho mucho Bonus.

Gotta go cut some squares now.

Listening to: Rebekka Karijord
Savouring the art of: Andrea D'Aquino
Looking forward to: meeting 12 Collage Artist next Saturday


  1. Jeg kender ikke Frankie, det er altid godt med mag-inspiration :-)
    Jeg glæder mig så meget til november hvor jeg skal med på workshop. God søndag

    1. Iiihh, Marie-Louise, jeg glæder mig til at møde dig :-) God søndag til dig