Friday, April 26, 2013

On the verge

Don't you love this time of year - those few days - when the trees and bushes have only almost exploded into bright spring green? In a minute, but not quite yet, the streets will be covered in spring, and everybody will talk about Summer's coming. But for now, on the verge of this, we all just hold our breath ...

Inside, a new art journal is on the verge of becoming, with two and a half new pages.

The bill sheet was a gift from Susanne who attended our collage workshop in March :-) Thank you!

A pair of pigeons have made a family right outside our window, can you see her baby beneath her? And the scowling? For the record, I asked permission to take the picture. Of course ...



  1. I really love your art journal style!

  2. I always love the color combinations in your collages! beautiful...

  3. We crossed into "exploding" here...
    I found a nest outside the window, too; a cardinal.
    She wasn't happy I lifted the blind.

    Happy Spring

  4. Verge is such a great word. I love that it means nature strips were sometimes people will plant community herb gardens for their neighbours.

    But, I digress. What I really wanted to say was... that face! That bird upon nest looking right at you. How marvellous! I hope she lets you take another photo.