Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmassy at the office

Feeling wonderfully Christmassy at the office now :o) I know—I'm a little late posting this. (Dang! note to self: when photographing stuff with dates on, publish same day!« You should know how many images I have lying around: »planned but never published« That's New-Year-Resolution-material right there ;-)

I hope you have reasons to begin December with a smile :-)
Yesterday I was recommended to find Smilerynker's (»Crowsfeet's«) blog. Via a lady who'd been inspired by Smilerynker to make this in a corner of her appartment: A little elf-door in the wall. Isn't this the sweetest idea? I think my kids may be too old for Elves sneaking in and out of the walls now. But I'm not :-) Maybe I should start looking for doors ...

Have a warm and sweet Friday


  1. lovely photo. better late than never! x

  2. Planned but never published -- SNAP! Me too, she cried.

    g xo