Sunday, July 3, 2011

Water for Copenhageners

We had the most amazing thunder storm here yesterday. For hours, thunder rolled and for a while it roared right above our heads. And lots of water fell.
This morning many were busy emptying their basements of water, and overseeing the damages it had made. In our building the damages were minimal. We were lucky.

I sent out the give-away packages this weekend. One to USA, one to Australia and one to Canada. Had to add a tax mark describing the content, and asked the post office lady if the recipiants risked paying tax then?? She didn't know. Oh I hope not. That would be odd - receiving a gift, but having to pay for it.

I hope you had a pleasant weekend. And wish you a smooth Monday ;o)

Love this handset for mobile phones from Davis Turpin :-) So funny


  1. Thunderstorms are wonderful (if your home does not spring a leak and your pets don't get too spooked).

  2. Hello there dear Christine ... my lovely package arrived in the mail from you this past week. My goodness, you've completely spoilt me in the very best kind of way. I shall put together a little blog post on my goodies hopefully later this week. Thanks so very much, I feel all inspired! :)

    PS. I didn't have any tax issues in collecting my package.