Wednesday, July 6, 2011

new office supplies (and a book cover)

Yesterday I realized that my new office lacked supplies! Today, I have new pencils, a highly educational pencil sharpener, overliner, correction tape and Post-Its!
...Nothing beats the smell of fresh Post-Its ... Here; try:

Hmmm :-) Smells office-y, eh?

Made a book cover for a poetry book (a blues-poem, roughly translated: Tell Me An Underground Tree, Pronounced By The Wind) by Danish poet Marianne Larsen.
A couple of years ago, I made the cover for her previous poetry collection Særskilte stillinger, (Separate Positions), and this new cover had to have the same sort of style or feel.
Florian Nicolle's mixed media portraits. Please follow the illustration link on her website too.


  1. All my childhood days are refreshed when I used to do a lots of naughtiness for getting new kit for my school.

  2. Like the look of your cover design for the poetry book... and enjoy those new supplies.

  3. My weakness is a new felt tip pen. And a new pencil sharpener too. xolj

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  5. a little like the excitement of supplies for the 'first day of school' in a new year! your new office looks inviting...enjoy!

  6. · { tillykke med dit nye space, hils Hofdamerne ;-))) sommerhils } ·

  7. I love office supplies, actually I think it's more of an addiction...

  8. An office desk isn't complete without those colorful Post-It notes! I personally find them more useful than the digital sticker notes readily available in computers. I find them particularly useful for when I want to write down an idea for a story that came from sudden inspiration!

    Frank George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies