Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flaky ;-)

Inspired by Martha Stewart, I made these marshmellows :-)
Tina and I meet up some times and cook and take pictures - these are from a day like that, and this cup is thus shot by Tina :-)

And cut snowflakes from tissue paper.
Feelin' flaky now ;-)

There are recipes and more pictures at Clemmensen & Brok
Oh no! Yesterday was Tuesday. List it Tuesdays!!! I'm so bad at this.
The week is too fast for me.


  1. This is wonderful! Great photos, great snowflakes. I need cocoa and pretty marshmallows now!

  2. Looks totally delicious. Just what I need right now. What a shame I can't reach into the photo and take it.

  3. That looks deLightful on a cold night. This is a cold night.

    Feeling flakey haha. Great sense of humor!

  4. Vilken läcker marshmellows,
    och snygga bilder som vanligt:)
    Det är alltid kul att titta in här till dig Christine!

  5. ja, börjar man klippa snöflingor är det svårt att sluta!

  6. all your snowflakes are so pretty !! and your beautiful photos such an inspiration !

  7. these are adorable! and what a great picture angle! you flaky girl, you :)

  8. Your snowflake is beautiful ... and that's such a lovely shot (a nice blend of the perceived coolness of a snowflake and the warm cup of cocoa) ... lovely! :)

  9. i love your flakes, and the cocoa filled cup... hmmmmm

  10. oh yummy!! and beautiful!
    my kids and i cut a bunch of snowflakes for the first time the other day. totally addicting!
    your blog is so fresh and cheerful.