Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Say Aum

This week and the following seven, I'm attending a once-a-week yoga/mindfulness class. I'm looking so much forward to it.
I have a yoga mat, but no travel gear, so this Saturday I sewed a bag for my yoga mat. It also has room for a thin blanket. I came up with the »notice the lotus« trademark earlier this year, and I want to make a nametag for my new bag with it. I made a few other »notice the lotus« items and have a ton of ideas for more :-)

Calm and beauty: Jim Denevan draws on sand, earth and ice. I find these photos and his work mindblowing.

Brand new issue of Sweet Paul out now. So much yumminess. I'm a huge fan of his cozy, simmer-food pages like this soup, and this knitted winter is also right down my alley. Mnnnnn :-)

stay warm and take care :)


  1. Yay for you! I signed up to begin a new Yoga Class in 2 weeks. I am excited. I've never taken Yoga before, I can't wait to feel wonderful from it. I took meditation a few years back and loved the way I felt. This will be soooo good! Great travel bag! ~Kath

  2. i totally need to notice the lotus! :))