Wednesday, November 17, 2010

List it Tuesday

Aimee at Artsyville has a great project rolled out; List it Tuesday, and here's my contribution (year, all right, I know it's Wednesday, but what you can't make today - make tomorrow :-)

Andrea linked to her friend Svatana who shared pictures from a wine cellar. I could almost hear them speak. Softly, with dusty voices from times passed.


  1. i love it christine! oh, this makes me want to pick up a dip pen and start playing with india ink! yes, these all sound wonderful when you say them out loud... and i love the way quince looks when spelled. thanks for participating!! xo

  2. beautiful list! did you make this with ink or paint? love the little pumpkin. makes me eager for thanksgiving.

    listing over at my site too.

  3. I need to make more lists, ones like this...beautiful handwriting, and the splashes are lovely. Your blog is really inspiring by the way. :) X