Saturday, November 6, 2010

New York City #7

Another store visit I was thrilled about was Purl Soho. This I had been looking much forward to, and it was everything and more.

I actually found myself being giddy-nervous going in there, all fluttering when adressing the sweet people behind the counter: »issit okay if I take some pictures?? I'm a huuuge fan!« :-)) Couldn't help laughing at self. I guess some fiddle over meeting — I dunno — Brad Pitt! Me? Yarn! Just gets me every time!


  1. I am LOVING your phototour of New York! So cool to see the city through your eyes!

  2. superbeautiful photos and lovely store. I'm sure you really enjoy that trip. I want to go back again after reading your blog!

  3. love this shop and your photos of it!