Saturday, October 23, 2010

There Are Reasons... Reason #3

Of course one can knit all year. And naturally, one can sit in the corner of the couch with a blanket in June. And light candles in april. But it all just come together so beautifully when the evenings darken, and the air gets colder.

One of the great great reasons I love the fall, is the curling up in the corner, with heavy socks on, a soft pillow, warm tea, and wool. Meters and meters of soft knittable wool.

Crafty ideas at The Long Thread
Beautiful illustration work at Ah! Ropa via Esti.


  1. Enjoy your cold evenings. The seasons are turning in the southern hemisphere. We had a boiling day in Sydney today and tonight we are having lots of rain!

  2. Enjoy!

    That's such a lovely vision you create with your words! :)

  3. Det er også noget af det skønneste synes jeg :-)

  4. Håller med dig!
    Mörkret och kylan gör att det är så fantastiskt mysigt inomhus. Vilken njutning det är!

  5. Sounds truly cozy. No socks on yet but almost. Whatever you r making there looks wonderful. I have to learn to knit.

    Stay cozy. And true