Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back from Pomme Grande

Just returned from an absolutely amazing trip to New York. I possibly don't even have to say this - but it was grrreat! (Thanks, Tony)
You are likely to see a couple of NY-pictures here over the next couple of days, I took over 1,200 of them :-)

Oh well, home is nice also, I'm completely jetlagged, and there is (still) travel-clothes scattered all over the place. Sleep? Work? Wash clothes? Whattodo-whattodo...? I know: Blog!

Maybe a little NY-interview would fit in here...?
- »So, Christine, what would you say was the best experience you had during your stay i New York City?«
- »Well, Janett, it's hard to say, really, there were so many great moments, but pushed to pick one, I'd say the day we detoured down Fulton Street to see if we could get underneath Brooklyn Bridge. We could, and it was beautiful« I also had my very first donut (ever!) here, which is also worth a mention«
»Oh wait! It was the trip to Purl Soho ... No-no, Museum of Natural History. No! Guggenheim. Central Park! That night we met friends and had pizza!!
... I give up. It was all so awesome.«
(and Janett has left)

Tina posted a new recipe at Clemmensen & Brok.
See you soon :)


  1. Nej altså det er jo det rene tortur for en som mig, der har været en tur i NYC mindst en gang om året i maaange år ind til jeg blev gravid første gang i 2004!! Jeg savner det sååååå meget, og dit interwiev her får mig bare til at vride mig af misundelse - på den ubehagelige måde ;o)

    God weekend

  2. Ihhh hvor ser det fantastisk og dejligt ud ♡♡♡

  3. ahhh you really did come!
    and to eat your first ever dunkin donut
    but what did you think of the coffee?

    butternut is my favorite dunkin donut but i get very sugar crazy when i eat a donut.
    i know you neeeded this info.

    interview questions>

    what did you think of the size, the lights, the people on the streets, all the advertisements everywhere? the traffic

    compared to your city. Its such a big city.
    what about the various voice accents?

    i am shutting down my internet for November to concetrate on writing so i will miss your NY posts, which i would love to see. Will catch up later... in a year not so loaded with family stuff it would have been cool to come into the city and meet you!

  4. Love the photos ... can't wait to see (and hear) more! :)

  5. Fru Ekelund · :-) Sorry ;o) Men skynd dig afsted :-)

    Tina · Tak :-)

    Mansuetude · Ahh... butternut sounds so delicious. I'll have to try that some day.
    I had two phenomenal coffees - one was at Dean & Deluca, the other was at Lombardi's Pizzaria :-) Those two just outshone all the other coffees :-)
    Is the Dunkin coffee good?

    And yes - that info was in fact greatly needed :-) How'dya know?

    Interview :) I loved it all. Took it in and loved it. I also loved coming home. (The air smelled so earthy when I came back). I enjoyed all the people, we met so many sweet and open and easy to chat with people.

    and I would have loved to meet you. Perhaps some day.

    Happy off-line November, and happy writing. Your presence will be missed, I'll e-see you soon :-) xo

    Tracey · Thanks :-)

    Fruenswerk · Tak :-)

  6. AWESOME! You went to Dunkin Donuts! Now you really have done it all! I went there last week and bought 33 chocolate donuts (not all for me:))))...)