Sunday, October 10, 2010

There Are Reasons... Reason #2

The light was so beautiful yesterday. All day, the Sun shone warmly with its autumly low light.
Sweet friends and happy tummies. Perfect day.

Today is a little cooler. In an hour or so I will go for a run, let the cool air bite at my cheeks, and let light fill me.

♫ Deepak Chopra and Claude Challe: Transendance. I love the sound of his words. (I have a book in English by Chopra, when I read it, my inner reading voice makes an Indian accent :-)) I don't mean it to - it just happens.)

Three(1) very(2) different(3) from fffound
I hope your Sunday is good


  1. What a gorgeous collection of photos! Love these...!

  2. I love your blog and your art.
    Really beautiful!

  3. I love your photos ... especially the mix of blurred and sharp images.

  4. Hi Christine! lovely pictures! I posted your interview! I´m really happy about this! you can look here
    thanks so much for this!

  5. i love the "inner indian accent" - i totally get that!!

  6. Sounds like and looks like a glorious autumn day... love that warm light.

  7. vilka vackra foton, de varma färgerna...

  8. Look here - such a cute video!