Friday, October 8, 2010

One foot must be bigger than the other ...

– I swear I crocheted'em completely alike!

But only one of them fits, really. Ha! Same thing happened last time.
Never mind. Left one fits perfectly! –the right one ... almost. They are equally soft, warm and cozy

Again, the design is Sylver's. For purchase right here.

Beautiful illustration from La Casa a Pois
Black Rider Intro (Thanks M, for the TW reminder xo)


  1. Very nice!! Kan du stå fast i dem, eller har du lavet en skridsikker bund?


  2. Hej Rikke
    Tak :o) Ahhrr - helt fast står jeg ikke :-)) Jeg har overvejet at sy skind under, men synes det er lidt synd. Bunden er så fin.
    tak for dit visit :-) God weekend

  3. Men dom är jättefina - båda två:)

  4. These are looking like the best feet warmers in the world! Gorgeous and warm :))