Sunday, March 28, 2010


Thank you so much for participating in Give-away :-) There is still time to enter.

I have bought 10 sheet of awesome thick cotton paper, and want to water colour something. Nothing in particular. Just colour.
So this is today's sheet. I had a wonderful time.

In three days, a little Easter holiday is coming up. How will you be celebrating Easter?


  1. This is beautiful. It is a perfect stand alone piece, too. You get the most brilliant colors from watercolors. I must dilute mine too much. Mine sure don't look as good as yours.

    I'll be home for Easter. Hope your holiday is great.

  2. Lovely blues! And stockinged toes even made it into the photo...haha :)

  3. Wonderful blue colors! Uhhhh - I love this color.
    I have started holiday today. I will not be celebrating in any religious way, but I hope the weather wille allow me to word in the garden. Lots of reading I hope. And 2-3 pc-installations for friends and family;-)

  4. Ah the joy of watercolour and Easter too. Much feasting to be enjoyed.

  5. Hello from Helsinki ! So many blues !