Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ohoy Matey! *GIVE-AWAY*

Felt a little necklace comin' on, and went with it. + made earrings with skeletons. (Remember this?) These pirates are new though, not from fleemarket.
Wanna celebrate with me? (the necklace??) Heck yeah! Why not?! And the Saturday, and the Spring and the Freedom of Thought! Anything you feel like celebrating?
— lets! ...

With a ·.*· GIVEAWAY·*
Two pairs of black skeleton earrings (two winners - one set for each winner). Rings are silver plated cobber.
To enter, please leave a comment to this post before April 8th :-) Perhaps you'll tell me something you wanna celebrate. Perhaps just say hi! :-) Anything goes.
I'll be using to find winners. I do hope you'll play :-))

Have a sweet weekend
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  1. I want to celebrate spring comming, the cute flowers thats suddenly in my garden, the sun shining through my windows in the morning, the good mood Im in. Mail:

  2. I love this!! I want to celebrate life and nature! after the earthquake (8.8 Richter) here in Chile everything is different for me. I see things, people, nature and other things with another view. In spite that nature could be very very hard with us I love everything of it.

  3. Sorry I forget to say thanks! xoxo...

  4. I just love those skeleton ear-rings. My son at 8 would be very happy when he sees me waring them;-) Wish me luck...

  5. i am celebrating that from of tonight i embark upon the line of work i have dreamed about since i was 16. tonight i sealed the deal! company opened! here we go, no way back, make it go right!

    i hope the thrill of tonight will last me through the rough patches i know lie ahead! i'm sure i'll be fine..

  6. Jeg vil mest nok bare sige, at det da var en FED ide, at bruge en filtkugle på den måde :-) smukt. Øreringene er seje. Og så vil jeg fejre igen i dag at blive vækket af et tandløst smil og en storesøster der kommer hoppende ind i sengen :-D

    :-) mette

  7. that's a pretty necklace Christine.
    I am celebrating some quiet time and that I am happy with my life, despite the bad weather and the fact that spring is clearly avoiding this spot of the world.

  8. Love this, Christine. Today I am celebrating meeting one deadline and zooming to the next. I am celebrating the beauty of cooler autumnal mornings. And I'm all for celebrating the handmade.

  9. Tossing my name into the magic hat too. Today I am celebrating a day that can be spent entirely at home. I am in need of a day tucked away from noise and distraction, and I treasure days when I can stay in all day. They are rare and all the more wonderful for this very reason.

  10. Ahoy matey! These earrings are primo booty :) I am celebrating the emergence of Spring here in the ho-hum midwest and all the life renewing possibilities that come with it. I discovered your blog through artsyville and have added it to my own blog's list of favorite places to visit!
    Tara :)

  11. I would like to celebrate my nephew turning 4 months!
    .. and I would like to win the earrings as a gift for his mother, my sister. She needs to get some gifts now - and to be a little crazy...

  12. I would like to celebrate our wonderful earth, too often she is taken for granted.

    We need to take care of our earth--she certainly takes care of us-for without her, we could not survive!

    Happy Earth Day EVERYDAY--because one day is not enough.

  13. I have NO idea how I missed this post. I'm so glad I found it, though. I even let my readers know about it. In fact, I had already posted the message before I saw this post.

    I want to celebrate blog friendships and adventures. I also want to celebrate Earth Day and Earth month, or that's what I'm calling it, anyway.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Christine. Glad I'm not too late to enter.