Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Granny - Me Square!

Yarn is like CANDY! (I feel like I've been here before). But it's so true—I have little resistance! During a little browse through a different yarn barn than my usual, I spotted a whole table of thinly spun wool on huge spools, of which I could mix my own batch. »I'll take 10 g of this, and 15 g of that«. Imma tellin' ya—my pulse went up significantly!

(click for bigger picture ;-)

These little guys are quite small; 3,5x3,5 cm. They would be amazing as a full size blanket ...
(did you say ...?) Well, I know myself well enough to know that a project of this magnitude could very well be overtaken by another (in a matter of mere minutes, to be frank). So no outrageous ambitions, no pressure, just pure love for what has the potential to be a wolly wonder. And I bought only 50 g. Taking it one square at a time. Like life, no?! :)

+Dottie Angel was new to me a few days ago. Not s'much anymore—do you know those blogs that get right in your system, and just make you keep hitting "older posts"? DA's blog was like this for me. So many great photos, so many sweet funny words and so much lovely inspiration.

+Nomono (illustration) Cool stuff!

Take care:)


  1. These four colors go so well together. Nice experiments, too. I like how you presented them to us.

    I nearly cringed when you said a blanket. I thought that will take years to make. Glad you know your limitations.

    Happy (probably belated in your time zone) Valentine's Day.

  2. Klart mega cool hvis du laver et tæppe :) lækkert garn fine farver...:)

  3. Ha ha, I know what you mean. But I managed to finish mine in a couple of months... well, not quite finished, there is half a row left...

    These colours are great.

  4. Troede lige det var små brocher, og var klar til at købe af dig. Bare så fine, men et helt tæppe lyder også bare så flot!

  5. i love this little collection of yarn & squares. and i know what you mean about the quickened pulse!