Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Mr. Mailbox

... thank you for nesting this. Dear Mr. Postman; thank you for bringing it. Dear Ms Manos; thank you for selling, and Dear Mrs. Engman; thank you so much for creating this sweet kitchen towel, for Manos to sell, Postman to bring, Mailbox to nest, and for me to dance with all through the dishes.


  1. we should all thank our mailbox more often! such delicious delights it delivers! :)

  2. What a colorful tea towel to brighten those snowy cold days. I can see why you are dancing. You have super good taste.

  3. Det er da for nice...Jeg ha et med en dame med orange hår...købt for længe siden :)))) Hun er så stærk hende Fru Engmannnnnn...)