Monday, January 11, 2010

hmm ... looks healthy, huh?

:-) It tastes better than it looks, but granted, there's a whole lot 'o good conscience in there too. It started out as carrot, orange and fresh ginger, but that little sucker just burned my taste buds right off. Ginger's mean! In case anyone asks. So I had to soften the thing up with some mango and blueberry (and more orange and carrot). Ah well.

Watched The Accidental Husband this weekend, which led to crush on Uma's knitted vest/sleeveless jacket. A delightful challenge! I have these few pictures (tried googling, but found nothing). I'll team up with my local yarnbarn and figure out way to knit this.

Busy day today. With a few (four, actually) deadlines to be met, so off I go. I hope you have a good one.

A few links before you go? Delilcate M
And a fun picture - Adobe Photoshop in 3D :-) **update** Here's a Flickr set on how they built it


  1. looks very healthy indeed :)
    the photoshop 3d is genius!
    best of luck with the deadlines and wishing you a great monday!!

  2. you are so daring! i run away from healthy drinks; i'm very suspicious of them all because one never knows WHAT lurks inside.

    LOVED the turquoise wall! and yes the photoshop 3d is super cool! :)

  3. Ginger has a real bite to it. I can see how mango and blueberries would soften the original recipe.

    I am in LOVE with the Photoshop 3D.

  4. apple, carrot, ginger is one of my favorites. more apple, less ginger. and i love that pretty knitted scarf...

  5. Världens bästa Christine,
    jag dricker mitt rooibus te och tänker på dig:)