Sunday, January 17, 2010


1 ink
1 crossword puzzle
3 games of memory
1 double cup o' joe
5 text messages
0 worries

I didn't leave the house today :) Do you sometimes get that way too?
Began a little neck-warmer from leftover silk-alpaca (sooo soft), thinking it up while I go. The pendants will go at the ends. (Buttons are better than candy!).
I hope your Sunday is soothing.

Are you an owl lover? Then please don't miss My Owl Barn :)
Cool cords

e-see you soon :)


  1. this looks like the most brilliant day! your plum knitting looks delish :)

  2. Hi Christine, love your posts and your photos. What a nice Sunday!

  3. Is there anything you can't do? Looks like the neck warmer is going to be gorgeous. Double cuppa Joe is my kind of day, too.

  4. A+A+E ·· Thanks guys - you're the best :)

    E - :-) I can't skate. I can't play the piano. I can't speak Dutch. I can't whistle (like when hailing a cab) -- and loads more :o) But thank you for having such faith in me :)

  5. Ja for pokker...Er ikke meget for udelivet nogle dage...bare G-sus koldt...OG hvor er din uglevarme bare nice...fin side...god ide´...:)))) Og rigtig fedt sort/hvid inkmønster :) God dag

  6. I like your pics, and that malva color too.
    And yes, I love to have a day indoors and many Sundays I refuse to get out of the house, to my kids' dismay, I must add...

  7. You make me wanna do some serious crafting!

  8. hm, innna man blev mamma kanske det kunde vara så...

    men inte nu.

    vilka vackra och stämningsfulla foton